Sunday, March 14, 2004
who is that masked man?

It may still be cold here in Japan, but already the first signs of Springtime are here... no, not sun. And not that most ubiquitous of Japanese symbols, sakura (cherry blossoms). Yes, it's...


If you think allergies are funny, just remember: you too are inhaling the reproductive material of thousands of plants. Yep, quite literally tree and flower jizz is all in your eyes, mouth, and nose. YUCK. Japan seems to also have a large number of plants that my body hates.

Luckily, I've decided to take a very Japanese approach to the problem.

Thanks to my friend the 100 yen store, I can get 10 masks for a 100 yen. wh00t.


In other news, I've taken to reading almost everyday the English language version of a Japanese newspaper called the Daily Yomiuri. The writing is aight, but what I really like about the paper is that often highlights the news from other English language newspapers, such as the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and The Guardian (UK newspaper).

The only thing that bothers me about the paper... it sometimes seems to run an excessive number of crime stories, especially about Chinese people. when according to official Japanese government statistics, foreigners only account for 2 percent of the total crime total here in Japan.

Anti-Asian racist paranoia... definitely a BAD thing Japan has imported from Western Culture. Boo.


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