Friday, March 05, 2004
Transformer Therapy

From a purely male view, one of the great things about Japan is that Transformers never died out. Sure, Gundam is a lot more popular here, but the Japanese cultural fascination with the idea of big robots, mecha, and other anthromorphic mechanical things... it extends to everything.

My first week after Shiv and the rest of the Seattle crew, I felt pretty blue. Being that I'm trying to be a good boy and control my taste for whiskey (I've sworn off whiskey for Lent), I instead bought myself a new toy. Yeah, men and toys...

Here's a pick of the new Galvatron... I don't know if he's out yet in the States, but he's pretty cool. A high tech, Concord-esque plane bristling with GUNS and plus, an easy, old-school style transformation. He makes firing sounds when you press a button. In robot mode (or roboto modo in Japanese, heh) he's got a sword and some very poseable arms, which is important for a Decepticon, when you want to point the big gun in the most threatening manner at some Autobot or something.

My friend Steph is an advocate of retail of therapy. Let it be known now that I'm now patenting the term Transformer Therapy. Maybe I can start a club, or better yet, a secret society of men who can collect Japanese toys, have no girlfriend around, drink alcohol and eat junk food.


Second thought, that's pretty much guys who hang around comic book stores.

Comic book stores? Yes, I can hear my friend Ryan saying his famous line now... "Whenever I walk into a comic book shop with my girlfriend, it's like I'm a Greek God... PUWAHAHAHA!"

On a side note, to appreciate the quote "I still function" that's in my picture of Galvatron, you have to be a "Transformers The Movie" nerd like me.

My next Transformer mission: To buy the deluxe WRX STI Transformer that tranforms from car to robot and back. It's real, but difficult to find because it's so popular...


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