Friday, March 19, 2004
Spiritually Ed-jamacated

My friend, old roommate, and seminary-immersed friend Dave is offering a free taste of theological education on his blog.

It's quite an interesting read, especially considering that I grew up in Seattle. A lot of his analysis is on point, so for those out there in web-land who don't know what the spiritual landscape of Seattle is like, check it out. It's a very interesting read.

Warning, though: only scholarly folks need apply.

A highlight that I agree with:

If individual churches are growing, but overall Christianity is not, is not the deck of cards merely being reshuffled as sheep pass from one pasture to the next? Rather than creating an island of morality in a comfortable church, isn�t there a better way to be called out into society to engage in the authentic transformation of the city and the world?

I can just see my English students eyes bugging out if I made them explain this passage:

Vague spirituality seems to be the vogue position to take when any issue of religiosity arises. A liberal, tolerant pluralism is highly valued. This is partially apparent by the abundance of literature available on new age spirituality and the growing ranks of neo-paganism

Heh heh. Perhaps some fun new supplementary material. I can hear myself teaching now...

Alright, everybody... it's time to learn some new vocabulary! Anybody want to explain what neo-paganism is?

heh heh.


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