Thursday, March 25, 2004
so silver, so sexy

Money can't buy you love or happiness...

...but it can buy the next best thing: Transformers!

My latest purchase is one I've been looking for since I came here to Japan: a remake
of the classic Autobot Streak as Subaru Impreza WRX, only available at the moment here
in Japan. (Transformer geek trivia: Streak was originally what kind of car?)

Behold the following pictures and be in awe of the beautiful detail...

My hand clutching the beautiful box.

Size comparison with my ring and watch. Note the distinctive hood intake, and new model
lights... even the Subaru logo on the grill! The Autobot symbol on the license plate...
nice touch.

Side view... check out the rims and mirrors. All four doors, the hood, and trunk can open
as well.

BW shot of the interior. Incredible detail with the seats, steering wheel... even the shift,
stereo and dash are present! Note the right-side driver (J-style).

Under the hood... checkout the Autobot "engine block", which becomes the gun when the car
transforms to robot mode.

Rear view with all the details - spoiler, lights, WRX and Subaru on the trunk,
"SLV STRK" license plate, and exhaust. Sweet!

Another front view shot.

Robot mode, packing the heat. The head comes through the exhaust area in the hood and can
rotate side-to-side.

"If elected Transformer president, I pledge equal energon welfare for all Americans..."
Streak has Gundam MG style hands - both hands open/close into fists and trigger fingers
have separate articulation.

Stand'n tall... he's a big boy, about 9-10 inches tall.

"Why you all up in my grill, huh?!"

"Now an educational message to children everywhere - brush your teeth! Or else..."

There were only 7 left at the store I bought it from. If anybody back home wants to
buy one and have me bring back for you better holler at me...


Did I mention? I'm enroute...

I'm gonna be back home for Ryan's wedding... finished ironing out travel details today. One week in Seattle, first week of April. wh00t.


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