Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Sel and Stretch rock'n the mic during the studio session for the "Jahzla" gig this past Monday. What's Jahzla? Besides 2 emcees, a funky bass player, electric guitarist, and drummer, Jahzla is simply "Jah's Law". I like the hidden spiritual reference.

So last night was big because it was Stretch's last night here in Japan. I've only known him for the 7 months that I've been in Japan, but he's been a good friend. I remember during my birthday in December, the man was hardcore on "It's your birthday, we're going to go out to eat and you're not going to pay!" Funny.

It's kinda strange how well I've clicked with the whole Toronto crew (Selman, Stretch, Martin) but I guess I would attribute to just two things: God and hip-hop.

I guess I have a talent for finding friends with similar tastes.

Anyways, tomorrow, Stretch will be on his way home to Toronto, to take care of some family business. I respect a man who knows the importance of family. Ki o tsukete, Stretchla. Take care and God bless... holla at me if you ever decide to visit Sea-town.


And yes... despite a series of stupid blunders... I'm still going back home for a visit.


Racism at Yale? Recently, KASCON was held at Yale, but all was not quiet out in New Haven.

Mr. Rain has an interesting account of his visit that every person of color, especially men, can relate to. Some straight-up, on point writing... to quote him:

Even worse was the feeling that this wasn�t some isolated incident--experience has proven antagonistic acts like this will continue to happen for the rest of my life, and I know there�s no way I can do something every time and win every time. It�s maddening.

Let�s say I�m lucky enough to find the right girl to marry, and we have successful careers and save up enough to have kids, and work hard at giving those kids a good life; well, someday, someone will still call my kid a chink, or worse.

Of course, yours truly isn't too surprised. Perhaps my cynicism about the state of racial affairs in America has been increasing magnified over the years. After all, all those Yale kids... I'm sure more than a few of them carry that Ivy League education around like it's proof that, "I can't be racist... I'm too smart and rich to be racist!"

Well, in case y'all didn't know... being smart and rich, doesn't make you immune to racism. Hell, it just makes you a smart and rich racist.


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