Wednesday, March 03, 2004
random thoughts

"Random thoughts" was the name of always a completely wacky series of threads at my old messageboard, IIStix. It was pretty much about... well, random thoughts. This next blog-entry will probably be very much along those lines, some James Joyce-esque stream of consciousness stuff. Why?

The internet cafe I'm at now, the free Yahoo BB one in Osaka, is playing some straight wack-azz boyband music and it's driving me crazy.


Gaijin Behaving Badly

Speaking of boybands... they're hugely popular here in Japan. Sure there's the native boyband here and there, but what is far more popular is Western boybands, especially Backdoor Boys, N*STINK, and now more recently, a Brit import called "Blue" (talk about despoiling my favorite color). Am I hating I the prevalence, the completely idoltry of white boys? If they're pulling an Elvis... HELL YEAH.

Yes, it's dawned on me that I haven't written about perhaps the most disturbing thing here in Japan... the phenom of "Gaijin Worship". I could write paragraphs on the subject, but I'll save that for later. But I'll put it like this: the disrespect many foreigners have for Japanese people, especially Japanese women, makes me want to walk up to them and stab them in the face with a rusty fork. Word is bond.

Example one: The nickname most whiteboys have for Japanese girls here in Japan... "yellow cabs". Why yellow cabs? Because anyone can pick one up and ride it...

Angry Asian men: be prepared to hold back your rage if you ever visit Japan.

On a side note, there is a small minority of foreign white guys here who are cool and treat Japan with a lot of respect. I would include my Ashiya crew co-workers in this group, and my old Myohouji roommates. But they are a small minority, indeed.

Another interesting note: the most racist men happen to belong usually to two nationalities. Yes, a stereotype... but it's waaaaaaay too true all the time. What are they?

Aussies, and yep... AMERICANS. I really hate some of my countrymen.


To Trust or Not

Faith is a lot about choices; my friend Jon F. was reflecting on that in his blog. I spend a lot of time thinking about choices in the past... the irony is that I often spend so much time analyzing the past that I forget to think about my future.

Am I oblivious, lazy, or just too trusting that God will provide?

Probably a bit of each.



I've also been reading more; reading is relaxing. But for others, like poor Dave... it's WORK. Ouch.

Finished: My Hemingway book. Started: A book about Buddhism here in Japan.



It's strange to visit random blogs and read about a strangers' life. Yet also cool, especially when they turn out to be Chinese American and Christian.


Bangohan ga nai

My host mother just e-mailed me on my cellphone... no dinner tonight, I'm on my own. Doh, no home cooked Japanese food... waaaaaaah. *sniff sniff*


Today's Blow to manhood

One of my Japanese staff co-workers, Mako, commented to me today in her cutesy Japanese girl voice on fresh black beanie my homie Mel brought me from Seattle (courtesy of SOY clothing):

Garrett-san... doko ni kawaii boshii o kaimashita?
(Garrett... where did you buy your cute hat?)

EH?! Kawaii ja nai! Kakkoi dayo!
(WHAT?! (Its) not cute... (its) cool!)

Mako laughed at me and repeated, "No, cute!" Man... guys like me ain't cute. Cute equals not manly.

Just cool, plz, ok thx? Emasculation...


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