Tuesday, March 09, 2004
Friends of Friends, Across Land and Sea

I went to visit a Japanese church this past Sunday in the hills north of Kobe in city called Hiyodori. The church is pastored by the friend of Helen's father, who met him while serving as a missionary in Brasil. Once again, the Japanese Brasilian community enters my life to give me a fresh view on my faith and my life...

The wheels on the bus go round and round... for 20 minutes.

The church fam and myself... got treated to a great home cooked meal and best of all... Brasilian coffee! Nice, black, and strong with sugar...

It was snowing.

Pastor Oshima showing his ocarina skillz... he was one of my main translators as his English was pretty fluent. He also speaks Japanese and Portugese.

Myself, Pastor Oshima, and some of the original ladies who helped found the church (I think).

One of the church deacons... every week, he handwrites the sign for the church. He's a professional calligrapher.


More later...


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