Monday, March 22, 2004

Abe and I, Shinsen-gumi style, in Kyoto. It was ever. I felt slightly violated, tourist trap-style.

Who were the Shinsen-gumi? Imagine a government sponsored police force, with state-sanctioned right to use lethal force on anybody who might cause trouble. Sorta like a black ops CIA unit, except with swords... really sharp swords. True the Japanese ideal of tragic heroes, most of the members died young, though their memory lives on in various monuments around Kyoto.

The symbol of the group was the kanji "makoto", usually translated as "sincerity" or "truth". It's the symbol on the headbands both Abe and I are rockin'.

On a comedic side note, I look freak'n ridiculous with all that hair on my head. Reminds me why I gotta shaved head in the first place.

- - -

Other funny reads (besides my hair):

rain describes zombie life.

mr. lot battles the birds.

akito reflects on the joys of dog ownership.

and last, but not least...

dave contemplates the implications of Jesus rollin in a Honda.

I'm a cynical person by nature and experience, but I find a good laugh helps to ease my mind. Lots of things been causing me stress lately, but I'm going to marinate on those issues for now instead of writing about them here. Need some organization and careful thought first.

- - -

In other news, the Seattle Times has an article about my old school district being questioned over the use of excessive force on students, especially students of color (mostly African American / Asian American). Good 'ol Kent! I'm glad I'm out of that craptastic land of gayness...


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