Tuesday, February 10, 2004
oops, i did it... again?

Before I write anything else today, I must recount the following story:

It's around 6:00 PM and I'm teaching at MtoM (man to man) lesson. My student, let's call her "Y", is a nice, 16 year old girl who attends a Catholic school and works part time in a sushi shop with ambitions to save up money to buy a new brand-name purse. Way too stereotypical to even be real, right? Things only get more ridiculous in the space of a short conversation.

Y: I have a question about English... may I ask you?
Gar: Of course. What is it?
Y: What does "supposed to" mean?
Gar: Ah, good question. It means "should"... do you have an example sentence where you saw "supposed to"?
Y: Yes... "Baby, baby... how was I supposed to know?"
Gar: (tries to muffle a gag and laugh)
Y: Nani?!

Japanese Catholic schoolgirls blasting Ms. Spears from their MD players... oh man. I spent the next half-hour of my lesson going over Britney Spears lyrics with Y. What a language wh0re of Babylon I hath become.

Teaching English has reached a new low... haha.


Is it just me or do all Korean women possess thug mug / mad dog / screwface powers beyond that of normal Asian women? Not to stereotype, but hey... it's gotta be that saucy Korean girlie temper...

Elaine and Michelle demonstrate. (pics courtesy of Michelle's niiiiice new phone.)

Normal mode AKA "Honey, I want to go shoooooooopping smile(s).":

(in Sannomiya, under-the-train-tracks shopping area)


Random firearm aficionado moment:

The deployment of the Japanese SDF (Self Defense Forces) has been big news here (duh). Of course, being the gun nut I am, the question I ask:

What are Japanese infantrymen carrying into combat?
American M16s? German HK G36s? Swiss SIG 551s?

Initial search was difficult, but after some Google-age, I learned it's a domestically designed and produced rifle designated the Type 89, which looks very similar to SIG 550 / 551 / 552 (a fine rifle). Note the distinctive delayed-rotating bolt mechanism above the barrel (very SIG or HK MP5-ish), and banana-style clip. It fires the NATO standard 5.56mm catridge.

A cool bilingual English/Japanese site with info about the SDF can be found here...


T-minus 3 days until Shiv and Mel come to Japan... wh00t!

Song of the moment: Jay-Z "December 4th Remix" (Thanks to Akito)


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