Sunday, February 01, 2004
Finally... February.

January has come and gone, and now it's February... wow. February marks the beginning of my fifth month here in Japan and I can scarcely believe how swiftly the time is passing. The list of things I want to visit and see here in Japan is still pretty long... better get cracking.

I haven't gone siteseeing anywhere for about three weeks, but I suppose I can postpone for a little... the Saturday homies will be arriving shortly, in about 3 weeks time. wh00t! Some of the stuff I still really want to check out:

-Atomic Bomb Museum / Memorial @Hiroshima
-Kiyomizutera Temple @Kyoto
-Himeji Castle @Himeji
-Chinatown @Yokohama
-Roppongi Hills @Tokyo
-Shinjuku @Tokyo

So many places, so little time... *sigh*.


Another secret dream of mine... LEGO Master Builder! As a kid, the sound of LEGO bricks hitting each other as I moved them around in a bin, trying to fish out the piece I wanted... beautiful music to my ears.


News monkey:

In case you though what I wrote before was just speculation... UN Panel Urges End to Discrimination Against Korean Children.


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