Tuesday, January 27, 2004
it's been a long time... i shouldn't have left u... without some dope lines to read thru.

First, off... a thank you to Moi-Moi and Mama:

The late holiday Christmas / birthday present mega package arrived just in time last Wednesday filled with cool stuff. In the picture is a fresh ballcap with the old school Mariners logo to represent as I like to say 'classic Seattle' and hilarious book called 'The Brick Testament' - old testament Bible stories, faithful to text, illustrated with LEGOs... kakkoi!

And for you bloodthirsty types who doubt that the Old Testament is actually interesting... check out of the Story of Dinah.

Rape, treachery, obsession, family honor, revenge, murder... and mass circumcision?!! Who says the Bible lacks drama? Boo yeah.


So I'm still alive... life in my new home is starting to settle into a comfortable pattern again, and I'm really looking forward to February. Not only will I finally have a decent weekend (Sundays and Mondays off), I'll also be starting to teach kids classes on Friday... ages 3-12 and class sizes of 1-8 students. Pretty crazy, eh?

The biggest thing I'm looking forward to though, is Shiv, Mel, and Kristie visiting in mid Feburary. I've already started to line up some days off to hang out, travel around, and sight see. Fun fun! I'm pretty psyched to see everybody...

Other than looking forward to February, not much is going on here in Japan at the moment. I'm still working on my book, and yesterday I think I just might have written one of the best chapters yet. Everything still needs a lot of work, but maybe I'll post a chunk of a chapter to solicit some public editing. =)

My bank account is the biggest it's been in awhile... wow, the money that can be saved by eating only soba, udon, and mikan oranges everyday. More on that next time...



A funny story from my friend Forrest... Pope Applauds B-Boys!


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