Tuesday, December 09, 2003
what you thinking about? what you bout to do?
can you overpower something more powerful than you?
do you think its helpless and you don't got the tools
or are you following the path that God got for you?

-Athletic Mic League, "Unconscious"

Thank goodness for MD players... Athletic Mic League, Binary Star, and Dilated Peoples are in the heavy rotation right now.

It's the weekend... not much to say 'bout it except that it's here. I might actually be doing some "work" this weekend, but it's just some preparatory stuff for a lesson another teacher and I are teaching about hip-hop - at least once a month, all the teachers at my school get to teach a special two-hour lesson that pretty much any student can sign up for, so we decided to teach one on hip-hop music and culture.

Yep, teaching about hip-hop should be fun... I can't wait for the opportunity to hear 50+ year old housewives shouting out "WASSUP" and "BREAK YO SELF, FOO!". heh heh.

Speaking of hip-hop here in Japan, I was able to go to a nabe (think hot pot) party at a friend's house recently and among the small group of a dozen people there, I met several local DJs and emcees from Kobe who invited me out to a special "Christmas" show next week at a local club. Hopefully I can score a spot on the guestlist and not have to drop a lot to get in... ah, the privileges that come with speaking English and being American.


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