Tuesday, December 23, 2003
Me-rii Ku-ri-su-ma-su

Some thoughts are better expressed in rhyme-age.

Merry Christmas from Nippon I rock microphones/
straight from my dome from this foreign land I roam/
across Pacific shores I still rep the truth for you and yours/
from the ceiling to the floors, from your bones to pores/
not just a rap or freestyle my journey more than 8 mile/
launching more boom than any sonic from Guile/
sincerely speakin' Father God still my shining beacon/
'til I stop breathin' His spirit the company I'm keepin'/
Japan and America so much the same, that it's strange/
unconcerned with change, they'd rather count loose change/
from heaven they're far, obsessed with Coach bags, clothes and cars,
commercialism's a disease infinitely deadlier than SARS/
the Last Samurai, call me Katsumoto with book and pencil/
holy faith keeps me armored and my swords are mental/
opening blind eyes with light from a holy path/
I'm out to slay Omuras obsessed with chasing cash/
agape love is Heaven's gift, yet people continue to drift/
always afloat without purpose, fooled by the myth/
ignorant people need to see the point like a needle/
materialism is lame and is makin' their souls feeble/
an authentic Christmas is about a single birth/
God came as man and changed the whole Earth...

Blessings to all.


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