Wednesday, December 17, 2003

(cue text-heavy rambling)

Well, it's holiday season here in Japan just like back home in the States. People here have been going off on vacations, getting time off from work, and keeping occupied - which also means more folks coming into my school for English lessons. Yep, it's been totemo isogashi (very busy).

Christmas time here in Japan is a bit odd in that most Japanese view the holiday from a purely commercial standpoint - it's a holiday primarily only celebrated by couples, a boyfriend/girlfriend thing where presents are purchased and exchanged. All the jewelry and clothing stores are having big sales; a lot of girls probably gonna be getting some pretty bling-bling. Translation: it's Christmas completely stripped of any religious meaning and wh0red completely to capitalism.

I've been trying to keep in high spirits, but I admit both the extra busy-ness at work and seeing all these couples around does put me into a small holiday funk. I try not to think about Shiv, the fam, and all the friends that're waiting for me back home, because it's a little bit depressing. It also doesn't help that most of my new friends here in Japan all have either their GF/or wife here with them in Japan... I've forgotten that particular pain of being alone - the sting of seeing a couple happy when you yourself are alone at the moment. Bah.

Being your typical emotionally-stunted Asian man, I can mentally compartmental-ize my life to some extent, and most of the day, I'm fine. But when stress gets too much... I'm all about a glass of straight whiskey and a hot bowl of kitsune-udon or katsu-don. Yeah, my comfort foods...

* * *

Today, however, I'm in better spirits. I recently picked up a package from back home and Shiv filled it with plenty of love and cool goodies - candy, tapes of American TV shows, and two gifts - one for Christmas, one for my birthday! Yay.

On the otherside of the Pacific pond, I'm happy the packages I've sent to friends have made it for the most part. Even all the way to the Big Apple! Excellent.

I'm also excited for tomorrow, too - I and my friend Selman will be teaching our special hip-hop lesson at work. Gotta take some pics...

* * *

The year's almost over... where did it go? Soon I'll be 25 and I don't even got a top ten list for my life yet. I'm having visions of High Fidelity-esque sarcasm and denial in my book.


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