Tuesday, November 18, 2003
It's the weekend... I'm happy! Stay tuned... if everything goes as planned, I'll be having some fantastic pictures of autumn in Kyoto soon. ;)

For the most groovy people who are thinking of getting me a subscription to a newspaper: hold the thought for a second - I might be moving residence soon. I've be able to make contact of with a Japanese family that is friends with a family at my church, and if everything goes good, I might have nice new place to live soon... yay! Cross your fingers.

On a random note, this article is pretty funny. Ah, the hazards of blogging... heh heh. Blogger now even has an official (rather humorous) help FAQ for bloggers who fear their mothers.

I might fear my mother, but at least I have the Pacific between me and her at the moment... hahaha. Just kidding, mom!

(yes, I'm proud my mother knows how to use the Internet...)


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