Friday, October 24, 2003
I say 'hip hop', you say 'I like hip hop'... 'hip hop'... 'I like hip hop'

I think I'm slowing settling into my job as an English teacher. It's a bit weird when you start to have dreams about giving speaking drills to your students. Am I becoming a cold, emotionless tool of the English language teaching industry? da-dum!

Speaking of cold, emotionless tools, I finally caught American Psycho for the first time. I rented it from the local Japanese video store to satisfy my longing for entertainment in English. Very good movie, if not a little bit of an unsatisfying ending. I recommend it highly to any guy who digs Fight Club or Office Space... the incredibly dark humor of the movie had me laughing even in the most macabre and goriest parts. Ah, angst of modern man... women who hate violence or misogyny, steer clear of this one. It's got loads.

Are you a fan of Genesis? <--- This is funny, but only if you've seen American Psycho.

Ah, back to sexy cellphone pics... some more food.

Mah-Po-Doufu flavored potato chips! These things are the bomb... nice and spicy. I buy them at the local convenience store when I'm hungry. Ever notice how spelling convenience is inconvenient? Just a thought.

Would you drink something with SWEAT written on the side of the bottle?

Yeah, I wouldn't either.


Hey Drew, your subway maps should be on the way shortly. Anybody else wanna engage in some international trade? Poor, broadband-less English teacher seeks music, movies, and American candy. Will trade various Japanese items including but not limited to: subway maps, food, toys, and pictures of local, bizarrely dressed natives.


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