Tuesday, October 28, 2003
I just want you to know, how I feel
Feeling good, feeling great
Feeling great, feeling good, how are you?

Awww yeah, the Outkast is blaring loudly on the MD player. It's not a complete substitute for going to church/fellowship, but writing has been therapeutic for me. Been workin' on a couple of more introspective issues I'm encountering here in Japan. Maybe when I polish them a little, I'll post them here on this blog.

Random note on blogging: It can sometimes make ordinary folks into celebrities, like this dude, "Salaam Pax". I heard an interview with him on NPR once... pretty intelligent, normal guy. I found it fascinating to hear his opinion - for once, the unfiltered opinion of an Iraqi about Iraq.

More fun pics of downtown Kobe / Sannomiya...

Seattle and Kobe are sister cities. I had completely forgotten until I found this plaque in a park near city hall.

Seattle's gift: a totem pole. Riiiight...

Shot of my favorite park that I like to hang out at sometimes... I just sit there and rest sometimes after work, since it's right next to the subway entrance/exit.

Did I mention it's the weekend? Watashi wa totemo ureshii. (I'm very glad)

No plans yet on where I want to visit (maybe Himeji or Kyoto? hrmm), though I'm giving myself a mission: sign up for Japanese lessons at the local non-profit community culture center in Kobe or my work city, Ashiya. Yep.

I've also bought my first piece of native clothing... a $30 shirt for $10. When I saw it, I knew I had to get it... see for yourself.




Told ya. =)


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