Tuesday, October 21, 2003
eh yo verse two coming with my Heineken brew
N-O-R-E putting people back in I C U
You ain't even thidd-ink/ that I need a dridd-ink
hit you up quick/ before you could even blidd-ink
Give you a splitting/ cut you up with the shidd-ank/
tell your accountant to go and just check the bidd-ank/
I damn near broke it/ you and I ain't even thidd-ink
I gotta churrda lurrda girls like Shabba Riddanks
Guaranteed to be there/ just like Fed Ex
We write our own rhymes kid you can check the credits
-NORE, "Oh No"

So what does Noreaga have to do with Japan? Nothing really, but there's something funny about bumping American hiphop on the trains... oh no oh, oh no...

Anyways, as I promised... food here in Japan! It's very good actually. I feel lucky... I haven't encountered as anything as funky as deep-fried hampsters like mr. phonic.

But enough talking. Here's some pics courtesy of sexy mr. cellphone.

Food vending machine/cashiers! This is great when I don't want to try to negotiate menus or prices at some joints. You simply pick your food, your drink, plunk in the coin-age, and out it spits a ticket. You take the ticket inside to the restaurant they make your food right away. wh00t!

This may look like puke, but it's actually a yummy local dish called "okonomiyake" - a Kansai area speciality. It's basically fried cabbage, onions, egg, and dried fish... all together in one funky Japanese pancake. Quite good, but supposedly Kanto area Japanese folks (Tokyo area) think it's nasty. I liked it, though.

My first decent bowl of ramen... quite nice. Noodles, onions, ginger, cha-siu, and broth that I drank down to the last drop...

Yep, they're everywhere. Eviiiiiiiiiiiiiiil...

Nothing says "American" like donuts and coffee! Quite nice.

More later.


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