Sunday, October 26, 2003
Do you like fast women?

As I've mentioned numerous times before, the best part of my job is meeting students. There's some really fascinating people at my school.

Today, I had lesson with a student named Junko, a woman in her late 20s/ early 30s, short hair, and laid back in her chair wearing a baggy Adidas tracksuit. Our conversation went a little like this:

Me: So what have you been doing lately?
Junko: Not much... but I'm a bit sad and tired.
Me: Why?
Junko: I crashed part of my car on Rokko mountain yesterday.
Me: Whoa! What happened?
(Junko smiles, looks a little embarassed, and laughs...)
Junko: Heh heh. Ummm... I was driving too fast...
(she makes a motion with her hands to indicate she fish-tailed the back left side of her car while going into a turn)

After talking a little bit more, it turns out Junko is quite the speed junkie and regularly goes up to Rokko mountain (a low-level hilly area with small, twisting local roads) just to straight up drive, rally style. It also turns out that she used to be into the street racing scene here in Japan, but stopped because it was too expensive and dangerous. Who woulda thunk I'd have a female Japanese rice rocket driver as an English student?

We spent the next hour just talking about cars, telling car stories, and the differences between automotive life in Japan and the US. She's even been autocrossing at the local circuit raceway. Interesting fact: biggest car company here in Japan is Nissan, not Honda or Toyota.

Junko's current ride is a pimped out Subaru (aftermarket mods to engine, seats, shifter, wheel, pedals, exhaust, and tires) her favorite store is Autobacs, and she hates SUVs. Jeff would be proud.

Too funny.


In other news, my boys have had all charges dropped! Yay, justice and thank God. Took the prosecutors' long enough... now, hopefully they can win their wrongful-arrest lawsuit and recover the over $11,000 they had to spend on bail money, court fees, and the like.

And need I mention... THE YANKEES LOST? That's awesome. Now I can laugh at all the Japanese people wearing Yankees hats... stupid Yankees merchandise is everywhere here in Japan. I haven't found a decent Mariners hat yet... anybody know where I can buy a black ball cap with the old school Mariners trident 'M'?


Oh yeah, packages from America rock. Wh00t, I'm in a good mood. ^_^

To my angel:
Thanks for the homemade cookies, candy, and Sunday comic page. Gar <3 you.

To Cora, moi #2:
Thanks for the burned CDs. Outkast is now bumpin' on the trains of Kobe. speeeeeakerboxx


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