Tuesday, September 02, 2003
Top 7 List of Dreams I Hate

  • 7 'Choke On My Own Blood' - Those who know me, know I have a sensitive neck. In this dream, I'm in fight with knives, swords... something sharp. I end up getting my throat cut and I fall to the ground, laying there as I choke on my own blood. Beautiful, right?

  • 6 'Speaking' - I'm in front of a large crowd and I'm supposed to say something, but I don't know what it is. They end staring me down and I just give them a blank look.

  • 5 'Falling' - Pretty self-explanatory. I always wake up after I hit the ground. They say that's a bad omen.

  • 4 'Drowning' - Another self-explanatory one. Summers of forced swimming lessons and being thrown into the deep end as a child is probably the root of this one. I still suck at swimming.

  • 3 'High School' - I'm back at Kentridge, and for some reason, I can't leave. If that isn't Hell on Earth, I don't know what is.

  • 2 'The Good Life' - Sort of like journeying to alternate realities of me, where I seem to view from a 3rd-person perspective the lives of all these other "me". Of course, every other me is doing something great or fun or meaningful, all while enjoying a perfect life. We meet and the alternate me always seems to laugh and mock me when I tell him about my reality. A variation I had once of this dream that I liked (in a sick way): I killed an alternate me so I could take his place. Wacky.

  • 1 'The Wound' - Memories of the day I saw my father collapse into a coma and the surreal month afterwards of in-and-out hospital visits leading up to his death. As the years go on, the details become less and less exact while the feelings still are as intense. Frequently pops up the most around holidays, March, or if I'm not feeling good in general.

Oof, I wonder if it was the homemade enchiladas I ate for dinner... =/


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