Tuesday, September 23, 2003
So I neglected to mention how busy and action-packed this last weekend (for awhile) in Seattle has been.

Saturday morning, I got up early to meet my sister in the U-Village to have breakfast, but because of my fantastic (read: not really fantastic) planning skills, breakfast turned into brunch, thanks to the traffic from the UW football game. We ate at Atlas and just talked, something we don't get to do much. Turns out that the crappy job market has my sister of thinking of moving to New York to live with a girl friend and look for work. She mentioned my mother wasn't too fond of the idea, but I thought it wasn't bad and I tried to encourage her... after all, living in New York would be a good change from West Coast living. Besides, I know she'd never want to raise a family there, so I know if she went there, she'd be back in Seattle someday.

Saturday night I had my last meeting at BASIC. Jeff Lam spoke for the first time, Josh did a food relay for games (heh heh)... lots of fun, and we had pretty big amount of kids. The group is starting to push up around 50 high schoolers, which is pretty big considering last year, average attendance was around 30-ish. Since it was my last night at BASIC, I shared a little bit about my trip, Dave prayed for me, and we had yummy homemade chocolate fudge cake, courtesy of Cassie. Later, we went out for cheap happy hour appetizers at every Asian's favorite Irish bar in Seattle, McCormick's. Went home and crashed around midnight.

Sunday morning, I had to get up early to go to choir practice... no excuse for being late, since I had to sing a solo for the day's anthem. Turned out there was a small last minute change, and the number of verses in the song that I had to sing solo went from 2 to 3, but it wasn't a big deal, since every verse followed the same basic tune - only the lyrics were different. Fittingly, the name of the song was "Guide My Feet" and talked about seeking God's guidance for this little trip called life.

After first service, I went out to eat yumcha (dim sum) with my old homie Jason. Something about Chinese food on Sunday... it just seems to taste better on Sunday. We got to catch up, talk, and I also got some long distance relationship advice, haha (Jason's GF is going to medical school in Guam right now, for more than 2 years now).

I then came back from lunch just in time to go to choir practice. I didn't have to go since I won't be here next Sunday, but it was good singing the songs with the rest of the choir and having a chance to say goodbye to people. Auntie Helen cooked a b0mb mocha cake with a good decoration in frosting. I'll have to post pics later.

Sunday night I reserved for a family dinner at Cheesecake Factory with just my Mom and sister, but my Mom asked if more people could come and I didn't mind... so Shiv, Josh, Val, Jay Fong, the Tam family, the Fong family, and Auntie Deanna came too. I was still feeling a little full from afternoon dim sum, but I decided to get the meatloaf anyways. Lots of smiles and laughs spending time with everybody, and to add to the meatloaf in my belly, they somehow convinced the waiter it was my birthday and got me a mudd pie with a candle. Good pie... but so rich. Oof, probably not a good idea eating more at that point, but I did... food overload.

After dinner, Shiv and I went to watch Underworld... pretty interesting movie. I was kind of hoping for a large amount of crazy gun-battle action like Blade 2 or Equilibrium, but there turned out to be a lot of just biting, bashing, slashing, and chuck'n guys - since the characters in the movie are mostly either vampires or werewolves, it makes for some monster-style violence. The werewolves especially seem to prefer using their supernatural powers to... just to hit or claw things. The vampires on the other hand, get pimpin' black leather trenchcoats with high collars, and pretty firearms like the Walther P99, H&K USP .45 and the H&K G36. The Underworld website has a cool section I like... in the character descriptions, they show all the weapons. Nifty. But yeah... the movie was a lot better than I thought it would be. The story had me interested at least, plus Kate Beckingsdale and guns... can't go wrong with pretty dark haired girl and firearms.

So I'm a completely unrelated note, I took some funny pics in Chinatown while waiting for Jason. Ah, to be young again...

Watch out for the Seattle Police, kid... they like arresting colored folks' children.


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