Thursday, September 11, 2003
It's September 11th... hard to believe it's already just the 2nd anniversary since the attacks. The world's still a crazy, strange, and dangerous place, but it's interesting to note that life here in the US is now is obsessed as security and anti-terrorism more than anywhere else in the world. Ah, the groanings and pains, of American Hegemony.

As someone on the news noted, people are probably already starting to forget WTC attacks. I'm sure it won't be long before more silly merchandise, bad t-shirts, and long-winded talkshow specials reduce September 11th to a mere commercial holiday. What a sad day that'll be in.

A moment of silence for all the innocents who lost their lives...


Enough about Thursday...

Wednesday was good. After work, I went with Shiv to see So Close, a HK/Chinese flick with Shu Qi from The Transporter and Karen Mok (like whoa) from Shaolin Soccer. My sister got us into the screening for free, thanks again to her PR/marketing firm internship. Score! Thanks, moi-moi.

So the movie wasn't high art, but it was entertaining. Beautiful Chinese girls with guns, goofy hi-tech gadgets, and a car chase... what more can a guy like me ask for? =) Siobhan even liked it... ah, the Charlie's Angels / Tombraider -spawned "girl power" trend continues.

Another odd cameo: the movie even had the cool Japanese dude from Jet Li's Fist of Legend playing a bad-azz security enforcer with a talent for swinging a sword. Then again, I think So Close and Fist of Legend both have Corey Yuen behind the scenes.


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