Thursday, September 04, 2003

Just heard today that they locked up 3 of my high school kids (all of them good kids) from my church and made them spend the night at county, all because some idiotic eye witness fingered them.

Two of them are out on bail now, but one of them is still jail with their bail set at $25,000! Supposedly, he's the "ringleader" and yep, you guessed it... he's black. Just because two of them are Chinese and the other guy is black, all of a sudden they're "gang affiliated". Somebody call up the NAACP ASAP and get Al Sharpton down here.

The ironic thing is not only did they do nothing wrong, they did something RIGHT. They were in Chinatown during the day and witnessed some punk trying to snatch this old lady's purse. My kids chased him off, but they weren't able to catch him. They did stop the guy from taking her purse, though. The lady only spoke Mandarin, but luckily one of my kids is fluent and was able to make sure she was OK. She thanked the guys and before my kids drove off, they pulled around again to check on the lady again and make sure she was OK.

As they were driving home later, they got pulled over by the cops, and arrested, all because some witness gave the police their license plate. The police claimed they were the perps... the hell. Stupid racist cops... learn to speak Mandarin or hire a translator so you can get the facts straight. Bastards.


At least nothing happened to them while they were in county. Turns out the older guys looked out for them (they're all just high scool kids) and the kids were even able to pray together to stay calm.

The arraignment of the guy still in jail is today downtown. Several of the youth counselors from my church like Dave and Cassie are looking into ways they can give a statement / write letters to the judge to help clear up this mess.

Stupid Seattle Police... and you wonder why all us "colored folks" dislike you. You harass even our innocent children.


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