Saturday, September 13, 2003
Guns, gin, cards, and gas...

Having been to two different bachelor parties in the past 3 months, I can honestly say that it's almost more fun than the wedding itself. heh heh...

Friday was Dave's bachelor party, so after work, I drove over to Ryan's place to meet up with the rest of the groomsmen. The plan was for all of us to meet and then carpool to the first evening's activity: bustin' caps at the shooting range. The guys were running a bit late, so only Ryan, Dave, and myself carpooled - we ended up meeting Dennis, Mark, Abe, and Noah there.

The place we went to was called Wade's. I'd never been there before, but after shooting there, it's pretty nice place. Friendly staff, and prices weren't too obscene. We rented 3 lanes, and started off with a nice set of semis in 9mm: a SIG Sauer 226, a Springfield XD-9, and a Glock 19 (don't remember what model exactly, but I think it was a 19).

All the guns were fun (shooting the XD-9 was definitely eye opening), but I especially loved shooting the SIG 226. The controls and fit were exactly the same as the airsoft pistol I have... plus, the 226 we rented had been customized with a integral red dot laser, activated by the middle finger area in the grip. Laser on a 226... so sexy. The gun itself handled like a dream and I was pretty much able to hit almost dead-on anything I aimed at. Man... I really, really want to buy a 226 now... I can see why my Dad loved it.

We also wanted to shoot a carbine, so Dennis managed to score us an AR-15 chambered for 9mm - good deal, so we didn't have plunk down more money for a different kind of ammo. This friendly Filipino dude on staff also helped out in honor of the bachelor party festivities - he had Dave shoot this freak'n hand-cannon revolver, with a barrel almost as long as my forearm, chambered for some crazy magnum caliber. The boom on that piece was hard to miss.

After the shooting range, we ate a late dinner and then went back to chill at Ryan's condo... played a lot of cards, while Mark, our professional bartender, mixed up some drinks with all the high-class booze they got for the special occasion: Henessey, Tanqueray, Skyy vodka... lots of laughs.

Did I mention Dave had a special outfit the whole night? Nothing too shame-inducing, except for maybe the ball & chain with "CHRIS" written in big letters on it. Heh heh.

Today, we hit up a go kart racing place to fuel the male compulsion for speed. The karts actually were pretty powerful and low to ground with like zero suspension, which made zipping around the track and around corners a pretty hair-raising experience. Lots of fun.

Getting sleepy... gotta wake up for choir tomorrow. At least my solo got pushed back to next weekend. I'll post the G-rated pics (heh heh) from the bachelor party later.


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