Monday, September 15, 2003
G-rated pics from Friday night...

At the range...

Dave says... Watch cha self! Notice the spread... neck area (me)... torso (Dave)... crotch and lower right (Ryan). hahaha... funny stuff.

Dave and the cool Filipino range staff guy, plus the "hand cannon". Notice the pinky-sized magnum cartridge. Whoa son!

Dennis bust'n caps with the AR-15 carbine.

Dave's special outfit... notice the ball & chain with his bride-to-be's name written on it.

Ryan lends a hand. Sharing is caring? hahaha.

Cleavage being flashed at the bachelor during dinner...

...But it's not the waitress this time.

Myself, chill'n back at Ryan's pad... Hennessy, no rocks. Ms. Sojin would be proud.

Playing cards... Mark takes a turn grabbing at the future Mrs. Leong.

Noah dealing a hand... lucky for us, alcohol increases his mathematical skills.

No more cards, no more drinks... time to watch TV. (insert Homer impression) Mmm, television...

Morning after.

My artsy-farty picture of some of the remaining drinks.

Cheers! Congrats to Dave and our condolences to the end of your bachelor-hood. ;)


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