Friday, September 26, 2003
Blog entries from the plane...

Wednesday... 3:15 PST

I've just completed the first leg of my trip and I'm chilling here in the airport in Hawai'i. Flight from Seattle wasn't too bad, I had my aisle all to myself, so I got to stretch out, couch-stylee. Total flight time was about 5 hours, so between napping, reading my book, and eating/drinking whatever food happened to pass my way, it went by relatively quick.

So how does it feel to be away from home? I guess I knew already I'd be sad... it didn't hit me until the middle of my flight, sitting alone in my seat, that I started to miss home. I can remember when I was in Brasil, the same thing didn't happen until I was on the plane, the sadness and longing for home.

Yet with that feeling is again, a sense that this is what God has called me do at this time in my life. My discomfort with it could probably be related itself to my own unsureness in my relationship with Him.

On a side note, I think I just might be the only American heading to Kansai International Right now... I'm completely surrounded by people speaking Japanese. Call me silly, but I think my silence at the moment gives me away as being non-Japanese... heh.

More later. No luck yet finding internet access, so I'll upload this entry as soon as I can find a terminal.

Wednesday... 8:38 PST

Well, I've been on the plane for awhile now... I think all sense of the passing of time has left me since being on this flight. It's very, very odd. I downloaded this cool World Clock utility that lets me track multiple time zones - I can know the time in Seattle, New York, Kobe, etc... but the time in that respect is pretty much just a number.
I remember flying to Brasil, I had the same feeling of losing time. I guess when you're a small, enclosed, and mostly dark space, that's the way it goes.

But yeah... anyways, this flight has been pretty nice too. I have an empty seat next to me again, so it serves as extra space to dump stuff. I'm in aisle seat again in a 3 person row, on the left hand side of 3-5-3 style airplane cabin. There's a Japanese guy on left who seems pretty nice... he's wearing a medical mask, so I'm guessing he's sick and doing the Asian thing of not spreading germs? Who knows.

There's a Japanese girl to my right named Momo (Peach) who I've talked a little bit with. Her family's from Kobe, but she lives in Osaka and works three (!) part-time jobs to make ends meet - aerobics instructor, ramen shop, and a clerk at an auction house. She's returning to Japan after a two week vacation to Hawai'i.

Our conversation started after I ordered a good 'ol screwdriver from the beverage cart.

"Good choice!" she exclaimed.

They didn't have any vodka though, so I got gin for my orange juice. Ah, gin and juice... heh. I thought I'd have to pay for my drink, but it was free... guess the liquor comes complementary on Japanese flights, wh00t.

I think I'm gonna be seriously jetlagged when to get to Osaka.


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