Saturday, August 23, 2003

It's early. Oof. My church is having an all-church retreat this weekend, at a retreat/camp site just about 15-20 minutes away from my house. Shows how close I am to the boonies, eh? I'm probably going to drop in to help out with the youth part of the camp, though nothing nearly as elaborate as Warm Beach last weekend.

So yesterday, I went to a hip.hop show down in Chinatown at the Nippon Kan theatre. It was pretty interesting show, a mix of hip.hop and spoken word. I've heard one of the groups at the show before, Blue Scholars, who are pretty dope. When I worked my temporary gig at Wing Luke, helping to put together the sports exhibit, I worked a lot with George AKA Geologic from Blue Scholars. Definitely a good guy... how many dope emcees you know that are Filipino, eh?

No, I ain't talking about all the rumored "half-Filipino" mainstream artists like Jay-Z, Foxy Brown, or that one d00d from Black Eyed Peas...

Of course, something even more rare that Blue Scholars represents: dope Seattle hip.hop music. Hate to say it, but Seattle still is sort of a hip.hop wasteland... not that many dope local groups or good shows that often, though I think things may be changing slowly. Definitely check out a Blue Scholars show if you ever get the chance. A little song of theirs to sample from their website...

Morning Tea (right click "save as")

But I digress... yeah, I really dug the show, even if the crowd could have been bigger and the sound a little bit better. Shiv agreed to come even though it wasn't really her thing, but I think she really enjoyed the spoken word poetry... the opening act Good Sista, Bad Sista really rocked the mic. Something about angry minority women really helps to start off the show... haha.

Oh yeah, this d00d named Kiwi was nice too... felt sorry for him that he was the last guy to do a set, because the crowd really started thinning out at the end because the show ran late.

Well, time to scrounge some breakfast up before I leave for the camp... hmmmm...


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