Sunday, August 31, 2003
So Bumpershoot is this weekend, but I can't go... things have been busy and there's a wedding I gotta go to. Just my luck that the hip.hop show with COMMON, De La Soul, and Black Eyed Peas starts at 1:00... early enough to interfere with going church, and long enough that it'll overlap the wedding. Poop.

This year, one of the stages was featuring an open mic and my homie Justin tried to persuade to go, but for the reasons listed above, I couldn't make it.

The piece he wrote and performed is a sort of crash-course in Asian American history for non-Asian Americans, particularly members of the rich and privileged majority class here in America. You can peep it here... but warning for the faint of heart though: lots of anger and profanity. Good stuff, though.

Ah yes... anger. Hrmmm... especially relevant in light of recent events like this.


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