Wednesday, August 20, 2003
Roll a phatty...

I've been up since 8:00AM... Shiv wanted to see me before she went to work at 11:30AM today, so I volunteered to drive up and have lunch with her. We made sushi, specifically spam musubi. Yum.

So I'm at work right now... last night I pulled a pretty crazy shift, from 12:30pm - 10:00pm. I've had a lot work backed up because I left for the Warm Beach camp after only working a couple of hours on Thursday, but that's OK... the camp was worth it. And though it pains my thrifty Chinese soul to say it, it was worth $159 it cost me to go to retreat too. Well, the experience was worth the money. Not the naaaaaaaaasty Warm Beach camp food.

Anyways, as busy as work has been, I don't mind it too much. I can't complain about my job at all... it's chill, and a nice fit for me. I get to listen to whatever music I want to bump, the people are cool, and there's even afterhours multi-player Warcraft. I guess this little part time job has been quite the blessing from God, so working hard to get what needs to be done is my way of showing I'm grateful.

Speaking of working hard... back to work, you slacker.

Gotta work off that $159 hole I just made into my sad sad sad bank account... I'm still a ways off from raising the necessary scrilla for all my upcoming Japan expenses.


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