Friday, August 08, 2003
It's 8:00 AM. I'm awake. What the hell...

It's gonna be a busy weekend... I think I'm in denial about all the things going on before next weekend's youth retreat. This year, I'm in charge of all the organized recreation, so I gotta come up with different ways to amuse about 50+ kids. Wh00t.

The line-up of events for today:

1. Cora's birthday party / BBQ at Golden Gardens park. She's 21... uh oh... booze & the beach.
2. Kristie's birthday party / shindig at Leilani Lanes. I suck at bowling, but that's OK.

Not to mention I still have to go to work too.


1. Training / Planning meeting in the morning for next weekend's retreat.
2. Senior dinner for my high school kids at CBC. I'm cooking.

Aiyah. Too many things going on.

At least I already picked up the food for tomorrow's dinner. I was going to go buy it all at Costco, but as I was browsing the ads for Safeway, I found some great deals. Why is finding a deal such an exciting thing, anyways? It must be all that thrifty Chinese conditioning... it's irresistible. Maybe I should go grocery shopping more in the mornings around 7:00 AM...

...nah. O_o

Back to sleep.

Random note:

This shirt is dope. There's something funny and insightful about parodies of Mao-era Chinese propaganda. The irony of atheist communists deifying their leader and his ideals...


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