Friday, August 01, 2003
I try to block it out with a bed sheet the moonlight's as a curtain
'Cause I'm not comforted by red and blue lights when I'm hurtin'/
"Mommy loves you" yeah I knew but I wasn't certain
'Cause the lenses through which she views life wasn't workin'/
As a boy she told me "wait till' your father to come home"
I'm 24 still waitin' for my father to come home/

(from "Room with a View" by Brother Ali)

So I saw Antwone Fisher last night with Shiv, Kristie, Dennis, Helen, and Steph. Great movie, definitely something to add to my future DVD collection. I can't think of much to write, except I identified with the main character a lot... not that I've ever been physically or sexually abused as a child, but I identified with his feelings, his anger, his loneliness, and his abandonment.

There was a great line in the movie where the actor who plays Fisher is talking to Denzel Washington, trying to describe his feelings, and he says, "You feel angry, but nobody else can understand why because they've never lived the life you have. They don't want to understand why you're angry, all they can see is how you act and they're never interested in anything more than that."

Definitely worth a re-watching. The streak of great movie watching continues.


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