Saturday, August 30, 2003
Feminine eye for the Chinese guy...

So I forgot to mention that Thursday night, I went out shopping with Shiv and my moi-moi (kid sister). People tend to think that my little sister is a figment of my imagination, because I'll talk about her and nobody can recall meeting her, let alone the last time they saw her... haha.

Anyways, I fall in the category of men whose ideas about fashion are limited to me remembering to wear a clean shirt and a pair of pants whose over-size fit allows plenty of room for the family jewels and dining out at a lot of buffets. Since my upcoming life/work in Japan will require me dressed like a stereotypical (corporate) tool though, I'll have to trade my loose pants and t-shirts with smart-alec comments for a tie, buttoned shirts, dress slacks, and *gasp*... the occasional suit.

My girlfriend and little sister took great pleasure in picking "outfits" for me to try on and wear, and though normally, I might chafe under the possible humiliation of it all, I got to spend some quality time with my sister, the GF, AND grab some deals on work-wear... multi-tasking at its best. Nothing quite like the uncanny senses of women to spot the cheap deals on clothes. It's like the eyes of a Soviet sniper picking off Nazi officers in Stalingrad... frighteningly accurate.

So today (Friday), I got to kick it with moi #2, Cora. Finally got to hit up the hip.hop exhibit at Wing Luke and eat wonton-mein for lunch at Mike's Noodle House. Mmm, good. Afterwards, Cora reminded me that it was grand opening of Fry's down near my hood in Renton... so guess what I did...

It was a crazed mad house filled with geeks, soccer moms, and cheap old folks... took us about 15-20 minutes to just get inside Fry's. We spent about an hour walking around and scoping out the gear they had for sale, before making a couple of selections of the best deals and heading to the check-out line... which took about a whole hour to navigate! Nuts... but it's nice to have a 24 hour electronics store like Fry's near my house now.


Time to sleep... going to be a busy weekend.


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