Thursday, August 21, 2003
Birthdays and Send-offs...

If there's one thing you can always be sure of, it's that time will continue to march on. It don't matter if your life's been crappy or fantastic, you've eaten your fill or you're still a little hungry... as long as you're alive, time keeps chugging along.

Siska threw Ryan a "surprise" birthday party this last Monday. Ryan is now 26, closer to 30 than he is to 20. I'd laugh, except that I myself am turning a quarter of a century this year. Whooo boy... geezer-hood. The funny thing though, was Ryan's birthday presents... tons of toys - LEGOs, Transformers, a bizarre laughing bag, and a GI Joe board game with disc-shooting gun (which of course all the guys dug out and played with). I wasn't sure what to bring, so I was the devil and brought a bottle of chamisul, some apples and apple juice, and made the birthday boy some apple soju. I figure he's read about it on enough to want to try it, heh.

Some fermented drink = rise in video game playing skillz. For real. =)

Yesterday, there was a send off party for my friend Ray at Claim Jumpers. He's decided to quit his job and attend seminary at Multnomah, so he'll be leaving Seattle for a little while for that hellish city called Portland in that most evil of states, wh0regon. I first got to know Ray when I started attending AACF my junior year and he's a great guy. We became good friends serving as CORE leaders the next year, mostly because we were the only 2 guys on a leadership team of 5... 2 out of 7 if you count our staff leaders, Christine Nakano and Jermaine Ma. Anyways, I admire his step of faith to leave a job he's doing well at just to follow God's calling for him and attend seminary. God Bless, man.

Hrmm. Another busy day... back to work.


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