Monday, August 11, 2003
Ah, the angst of job-hunting... I still remember it well.

On the job-tip, I've heard back from my Japanese company again. They sent me the first of three packages filled with documents about my trip and the job I'll be doing in Japan. My departure has been confirmed for the end of September to Kansai International Airport, but I still don't know what city I'll be in exactly... I could be flying to anywhere in southern Japan, so we'll see.

Sucks... I'll be missing David & Chris' wedding. =(

As for the paperwork, some of the brochures included: basic hiragana & katakana (I'm surprised I remember all my hiragana and most of my katakana from HS); Japanese culture (basic stuff on group identity, cultural emphasis on politeness and harmony... mostly stereotypical stuff); English grammatical terms; money management...

Fun, fun. Especially the English grammar stuff... that's some diehard stuff I haven't dug into since my days in Mr. Spear's 9th grade Honors English class... reflexive pronouns, subordinating conjunctions, infinitive phrases... oh my!


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