Monday, July 28, 2003
what. the. hell.

405 has to be the worst freeway here in Seattle next to 520. I just sat through about 45 minutes of stop and go traffic to get to work, which is normally a short 15-18 drive from my house. ARGH.

Worst traffic offenders:

5 Wannabe racers with ugly spoilers who tailgate and then brake hard
4 Teenagers with a brand new license who merge last minute to cut off people
3 Old people in large sedans whose driving makes me pray for the Apocalypse
2 Truck / trailers that refuse to stay in the far right lane

I'm listening to "Eyes May Shine" (remix) with Xzibit and Mobb Deep. The aggressive nature of the song is strangely calming.


I was checking my cousin's blog and I noticed the latest in wedding trends: the pimped-out couples site. Like whoa.

Not to offend females everywhere, but it's completely obvious a girl built the site. How do I know? There's a lot of pink. Pastels... *shudder*.

I do dig the B&W photos, tho.


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