Wednesday, July 23, 2003
Wedding pics from Josh and Val's wedding... wheeee.

The groom's bro, Justin, and cousin, Adriel

They're close cousins

Ringbearer, Kevin... he's a chess champ

Bridesmaids waiting to take pics... Lena, Lisa, Kristie

Future heartbreaker, the flowergirl Sabrina

The groomsmen & the bridesmaids

Tam family... Justin, Auntie Cindy, Uncle Andy, and Josh

Justin and Josh (the groom)

Here comes Val, all dressed up...

Banquet time!

The whole table...

I teach kids the best stuff... (Jason, Kevin & Sabrina's brother)

Getting friendly with my best friend

Giving my toast

Cutting the cake...

The first dance of Mr. & Mrs Joshua Tam

Val says... "Check this fancy plate"

Bouqet toss

Garter toss

Some more pictures at sunset

Val and Josh... she changed into the cheung-sam

Shiv and I... she's smiling because I'm dancing with her

Walking down a salute of sparklers

Off to the honeymoon!

Big pics are up on Snapfish right here.

If from the pictures it looked like a beautiful wedding and great time... well, it was. =)


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