Saturday, July 05, 2003
Weapons of Mass Consumption...

So I spent most of the day at Siobhan's house... woke around 2pm and drove up to see her. All Shiv's housemates are gone for the weekend, so it was a both fun and odd - almost like playing house since it was just her and me the whole day. I'm sure to most people it sounds pretty boring to lounge around and stuff, but I guess when you start to get old (or *gasp* mature?! me?) , you don't crave the thrills of going out and partying as much... just a simple meal with friends and hanging out is enough for me to feel good these days.

All in all, it was a pretty domestic day... watching TV, going grocery shopping together, and cooking together for the imprompt potluck we had at night. I used Kristie's gas grill to BBQ some chicken, as well as cook some chicken sausages and roast some corn. Shiv made some yummy baked salmon and the mandatory Asian side dish: steamed rice.

Ryan, Siska, and Dave came later bringing with them fried chicken, drinks, and assorted deli items. Dennis, Stone, and Stone's GF, Stacey, popped over later and made beef kabobs with peppers, onions, and shrooms. Kristie's grill seems destined to cook kabobs.

Whenever holidays come up, there's mainly two things I enjoy about them:

1) Spending time with friends & family


I guess it's one of the few things in my personality that I can directly trace to my Chinese heritage - the importance of connecting with people via sharing a meal. Definitely not a bad thing... I wish I took as much joy in other mundane activities as I do in cooking and eating with people.

Most of us decided to avoid the ridiculous crowds and just watch the fireworks on TV instead... yeah, we're lazy bastards. Wh00t.

And July 4th came and went... happy Independence Day.


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