Thursday, July 24, 2003
Waiting for host... DISCONNECT

I often judge the health of my computer by its ability / lack of ability to run games. Lately, my ol' bride of frankenstein (usually stable despite her many make-shift parts) has been acting up. Warcraft3 has been freezing up, the last time being right in the middle of a heated battle... dam matt. And I've been such a good boy lately, too... haven't played more 1-2 games in weeks.

I'm wondering if it might be time for that most loved of all geek therapies, the reformatting of the HD. Such a pain in the arse to do, though... bleh.

On the Japan front, the NOVA San Fran office called me today. My new passport photos arrived without incident (whew) and everything checks out. Like I thought, they're expecting my visa to finally clear sometime near end of September, wh00t. Not quite my original plan, but I guess it's divine providence... with luck, I'll be able to go to Dave's wedding without a pricey roundtrip ticket AND have plenty of time to raise the scrilla I still need for stuff like security deposit on apartment, work clothes (must wear a suit like stereotypical tool), etc. I suppose the good Lord hasn't completely forgotten about me yet.

Fun fun fun... off to work.


What do anti-establishment old bald guys with tattoos who are writers do in their spare time? Surprisingly, they teach...


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