Monday, July 07, 2003
Return of guerilla video.

So yesterday I spent most of the day working with Chong on our video project for King's Fools... met up with him around 3:30 after I got out of church at our usual spot in the U-Village. The scope of the project has changed from a "fun" video to more a documentary / informational style trailer, so we pretty much had to scrape some footage and brainstorm some new ideas. Actually, I think going documentary-style will be a lot easier, given all the documentary work I did for Wing Luke earlier this year. Interviews definitely can be interesting. I think we interviewed roughly 15-20 people yesterday, including the King's Fools themselves.

We met up with the King's Fools around 4:30 at the church before their soundcheck and we ended up staying until the end of their service until around 10:00pm... we conducted the interviews before and after the service, while shooting more stock footage during the actual service itself of Jubilee's congregation.

Time frame is gonna be a little bit tight to get this video out and done with, but I think Chong and I can do it. We definitely want support the guys... after all, I think it's pretty amazing King's Fools, guys who originally started out in the Korean-American Christian community, are making a big push to gather youth from all backgrounds for the upcoming gxp camp. Hopefully the video will help them get the word out.

It's interesting to see the Asian American Christian community continue to grow and evolve. Traditional Asian culture can be very insular, and Asian American churches often have impressive missions programs to the countries of their ethnic origin. However, their community mission to people in the surrounding area who aren't the specific Asian ethnicity of the church can often be lacking. There's a lot of outside forces / historical issues that have shaped ethnic churches, most of which have their roots in social / class prejudice / racism.

While the trend of multi-ethnic churches continues, I don't think it'll evolve past pan-Asian churches until certain social issues are addressed. Mainstream culture continues to marginalize, tokenize, and stereotype Asian Americans, while Asian America's relationship with other minority groups seems frequently antagonized by the white majority use of us as the "model minority" beating stick. After all, I can think of plenty Chinese American people who attend Japanese American churches and vice versa, but Hispanics or African Americans attending Asian American churches? Not that common beyond the token case...

Oh yeah, white guys are pretty prevalent at most Asian American churches. That's common enough, and though most come for the right reasons... there are several who do not. Bleh. =P


Time to work.


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