Thursday, July 17, 2003
News wh0re'n...

If you any question why old people shouldn't be driving unassisted, check this out: Santa Monica man kills 9, 50 people hospitalized. I can understand the elderly wanting some freedom, but I guess the large number of elderly people on the road despite questionable driving ability is a symptom of American culture and West Coast living... a lack of respect for elders and pathetic public transportation. Pretty much in China or Japan, old folks would be getting chaffeur'd around by their kids... if they weren't riding the subways.

On a more local note... a forgotten tribe, a lost homeland. A whole area of Washington takes it name from the Wenatchi, and here they are today... shafted by the government. Make a deal with "The Man" and you're probably suffer genocide and oppression. What else is new, eh?


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