Friday, July 11, 2003
A lot of things to take care of, and I'm still awake. I should be sleeping, yet I already know I am going to loathe waking up. I think the very anticipation of that feeling I have some mornings is enough to make me not want to sleep. And I love sleeping. The human impulse to avoid discomfort is powerful.

Self-medication via War-crack... Frozen Throne. Yay.

Did I mention I should be scheming ways to make ridiculous amounts of money fo Japan? I figure I need to come with:

-$600 - 700 : round trip airfare (gotta go and come back for Dave's wedding)
-$1000 - 1200 : to survive my first month
-$100 - 200 : dress clothes to fit dress code for work (suits, ties, collared long sleeve shirts)
-$800 - 1000 : laptop / notebook computer for digipics, e-mail, DVDs, music, etc

Last look, money in my bank account: $212.38

I guess getting a laptop is definitely out of the question. =*(

Poverty, poverty... you're in love with me so much, you never want to leave. But hey... the way things are going as of now, I'm starting to doubt whether I'm going to Japan at all. And I guess not going to Japan alleviates the strain to generate scrilla, not that I'm making that much at my part-time job right now anyways. Abd I doubt I'll find any job that will pay me better.

Oh well... at least I got to seriously entertain the thought of traveling and getting away from it all at least. Unseen cosmic forces both righteous and vile are probably enjoying another laugh at my expense. Bastards.

Random note:

Good 'ol GP playing for the Lakers? I guess I could cheer for LA now!

...yeah, riiiiiiight. Lakers... BAH! Those faeries.


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