Thursday, June 26, 2003
Wow... I took a lot of pictures.

I'm still uploading most of 'em, but you can view some from a dinner Shiv and I went to right here. I met a lot of the IIStix / Chopstixs crew that I've known from the "online" world, but I never met in person until this dinner.

Some other highlights from my trip I didn't mention before:

-Finding the old game Star Control 2, installing it, and beating it during the course of 3 days. I've forgotten how entertaining it was to talk to the Spathi and the Orz. Man, what a great game... good memories of my 486. *sniff*

-Watching lots of movies. I introduced my uncle to Memento, and Minority Report... he especially liked Memento. I also saw The Italian Job and 2 Fast 2 Furious with him. Yeah, I know... I flew from Seattle to Oakland to watch movies... =P

-Brought with me and finished reading "Asian American Dreams" by Helen Zia. Great book, I should write more about it later.


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