Saturday, June 07, 2003
Warm day.

More Blogger upgrades = weird blog behavior.

Anyways, it was a warm day today. I didn't do much, traffic sucked, but it was fun night at fellowship with the high schoolers. Since the weather was really warm, we had another night of water games... heh. The joy / mayhem:

Dave gave a lesson a love / dating / marriage. Of course, the bulk of the time was an open discussion panel with the counselors and their significant others... guess who? Yeah, me, Shiv, Josh, and Val... lots of fun sharing our "wisdom", experiences, etc.

Funny pictures:

All in all, a lot of fun. My favorite exchange of the night went something like:

Dave: "So our next anonymous write-in question reads this, 'What if I want to go dating just to gain experience? Is that OK?'"
Me: "Gain experience? That sounds funny to me... what do you kids think dating is, some sort of RPG video game? Gain experience... pshhht. Y'all trying to go from 'dating level zero' to 'dating level one'? It doesn't work like that! haha."


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