Wednesday, June 18, 2003

So my first day down here was interesting. My uncle left the keys to his old pick-up truck, so after some light reading, I took it out for a little spin to cruise around his San Leandro hood. The night he picked me up he showed me a little bit of the area, so I went off of my memory of what I saw the previous night.

There wasn't anything too out of the ordinary - just a small mall (Bayfair) and Albertson's ended up being on my short tour. I walked around the mall for about half-hour looking to see if anything caught my eye; my wandering Chinese eye caught a "70% off" sign in front of a Champs store, so I stopped in hoping to score a cheap pair of kicks, but no dice. The only things that were cheap were old visors and clown shoes.

If there was a Best Buy, I would have definitely stopped by since it occurs to me now that the most space/size efficient computer to bring to Japan would be a laptop/notebook, but alas... no Best Buy. I think my uncle, some cousins, and myself are gonna stop by Fry's on Friday, tho.

Oh yeah, driving around turned out to be quite a workout since the truck is without power steering... I really had to force that wheel to make tight turns.

The only money I ended up spending was on some groceries to cook dinner for my uncle, who I'm pretty sure lives the typical bachelor lifestyle of TV dinners and fast food. I don't think since my Po-Po passed away, he's cooked much for himself, so I thought that'd be nice.

After dinner, we were originally going to meet up with some of my cousins, but they were all busy. On a whim, we decided to catch a movie... since the only choices for the particular time that we arrived were 1 Fast 2 Furious and Dumb and Dumberer, we opped for fast cars and fast women over Jim Carrey / Jeff Bridges look-a-likes, heh. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought... definitely better car chases than the first, though the acting... sheesh, the Skyline and the Evo in the movie were better actors and they're inanimate objects. Even more funny is how two music stars (Tyrese and Ludacris) were better actors than even Paul Walker! Haha.

Well, tomorrow's a full day. Should be fun.


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