Sunday, May 11, 2003
Triple your dosage...

Today was an unusual day, though surprising, it's not because it was Mother's Day. I went to two other different church services today besides my normal attendance at Chinese Baptist... the choir of course had a special anthem for the Mother's Day service.

After first service, I left to drive to Shiv's church, Faith Bible, which is located in the ghetto-fabulous Central District of Seattle. Her chance is smaller than mine, and younger too... the history of church I think traces back to the end of the Japanese American internment, the founding members of the church being survivors returning to Seattle. I rarely get to visit Siobhan's church during Sunday hours because of my obligations at CBC, but today, since it was Mother's Day, choir practice was canceled.

Still tired from waking up early to cook my Mom breakfast, I ended up eating lunch at the Greenwood house and crashing for a couple of hours. Nothing like a nap during warm weather, heh.

In evening, Chong and I met to plan for an upcoming video project. Afterwards, we visited Jubilee for awhile, since the guys that we're helping out our based their.

A Chinese American church (CBC), a Japanese American church (FBC), and a Korean American church (Jubilee)... haha, since when did my Sundays become a tour of Seattle's Asian American Christian community?

Too funny. Ah, if only rabid church attendance gave me superpowers... long days make me tired.

Well, Mother's Day is almost done with... the holiday always seems like an afterparty since my Mom's birthday is about a week before it. I didn't do anything too fancy for her, just woke up early and cooked my Mom a traditional breakfast - hashbrowns, bacon, sausage, toast, juice, and gave her a handmade card.


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