Friday, May 30, 2003
Dear Garrett,

Thank you for attending an interview with the Nova Group on May 13, 2003. As a result of your interview, we are pleased to offer you a teaching position with Nova Group.

So it came in the mail, via a Priority Mail document package, a letter bundled with a bunch of other documents. I'm not sure how I feel about being offered a position when I know the job is on the otherside of the world in Japan, for at least a year. A year and a half of waiting, agonizing, and praying, and now that this is before me... I still can't discern whether it's the opportunity I've been prepared for or if it's a way of escaping the unknown here at home.

Maybe what troubles me is that no matter what I decide, it requires a strong measure of faith on my part.

If I choose to go, than I have to have faith that God will care for the person I love, that my family, friends, and the church I feel so deeply for will remain here and flourish in my absence. It will require faith to believe that when I come back, there will be actually something for me to return to.

If I choose to not go, than I will have to have faith that this isn't the right thing for me and that God will provide the right job for me. Of course, that was my thinking behind turning down a fulltime accounting position back last September and there was nothing that came after that... part of me is troubled that the same thing will happen again if I turn down this position.

I have 2 weeks to make a decision... hrmph.


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