Wednesday, April 23, 2003
There's a career fair tomorrow at the UW. I really hate career fairs. The virtual prostitution that goes on there is sickening to my sense of personal honor.

I know I should go, though... gotta do my part and pray for a small miracle.

The ideal scenario: I meet a recruiter and it's an old friend from the business / communications school. Old friend then proceeds to hook me up with an interview for a good, stable job.

I'm not banking on anything though... I'm planning on mostly swiping as much free schwanky pens, pencils, bouncy balls, and gadgets as I can get.


Random note:

As a rogue 8-bit comic artist has wisely observed, the kiddies learn the asian squat at young age. I jacked the above picture from Yun's church's website. What a great tragedy it will be someday when legions of culturally assimilated Asian Americans will know nothing of the asian squat.

Man, seeing digital pictures make me want a digicam.

Hrmm, digicam... must resist the urge to purchase and spend my new dough-lo. My friend Steph recently scored a phatty deal, which makes my musings about purchasing all the more tempting.

Steph is a proponent of "retail therapy": indulging in consumeristic orgies to diffuse the stresses of life. I think guys have "gadget therapy": playing with / acquiring toys such as electronics, video games, auto parts, and firearms make us temporarily euphoric.

Hrmmm... must... resist... gadget urges...


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