Saturday, April 26, 2003
The Lawnmower Man... more than a bad movie derived from a Stephen King story.

So I crashed last Friday night at Ryan's condo to wake up early today and go to Shiv's house around 9 AM. Shiv and the rest of gals of the Greenwood manor have been losing a battle against the weed jungle now occupying their front and backyards, so after surveying several expensive options, they decided to go with the economical choice...

...myself, of course. Nothing beats boyfriend labor, eh?

Well, with the help of my trusty weedwacker, lawnmower, and machete, I went to work on the backyard / sides. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring some gas for the mower, so the electric weedwacker got a good work out. Shiv helped me later in the afternoon too... she went on a weed massacre, not only wacking the back, but rampaging all the way down the rightside walkway of the house. Nothing like introducing your GF to fun with lawn equipment, haha.

All together, I probably spent about 5 hours out in the yard today and I don't think the yard is even close to being finished. Whooo, boy... it's gonna be a long war.

Night time, I went to BASIC. Now that Dave is back in action at CBC, we had a much welcomed extra counselor for BASIC. That's six now, including myself, Josh, Kenny, Cassie, and Kristie. Ah yes, it's good to serve with friends.


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