Wednesday, April 30, 2003
Funny Comic

No yard work today, but I did drive up norte again to visit Shiv and go to Ben & Jerry's "Free Cone Day". It's almost a sort of tradition for us, haha... funny how when you start dating somebody for a long period, little habits start. We waited for about a half-hour, which isn't too bad considering the huge size of the line when we got there. The rest of Shiv's bible study came too and I also saw a ton of folks I know from church and AACF... even my sister, who I hardly ever see, was there.

Nothing quite like free stuff to attract hordes of Asian people... it's like UN weapon inspectors to an ICBM.

So as you may have guessed from the comic above, I saw "Better Luck Tomorrow" again... with the help of Steph and Shiv, I managed to posse up a group of friends to see it again and support the movie. I wondered how I would feel about the movie after a 2nd showing, and while I still am very conscious of the flaws (*cough* ending *cough*), I think I appreciated how well made the movie was in the little things - good camera work on the actors' nonverbal cues, especially facial expressions and body posture. One example: Parry Shen, the lead actor, is such a perfect fit for his role - the pensive look, that paradoxical look of both resignation and determination mixed together - he constantly shifts back to that look and it's completely natural... Shiv noticed it too.

I guess it also hit me again how much of huge leap forward this film is for Asian Americans - for once, it's a story where Asian Americans are just there... living, breathing, and taking part in a story with a controversial but relevant theme as normal people. I don't know how many times I've thought that thought or scribbled it down, but for someone like me who loves movies, it makes me feel so hopeful... almost to the point of shedding a man tear (like the comic). I hope "Better Luck Tomorrow" will be the first of many great movies.

Did I mention I like it when the drama in my life is only found onscreen? I can be wishful too.

Newspaper hunter:

The Seattle Times has an interesting article about the experiences of "baby lift" Vietnamese American adoptees...


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