Monday, March 24, 2003
Sunday went by quick. I was at Shiv and Kristie's house for an Oscar-watching party, but I think I was more interested in eating dinner than anything else... mmm, potluck...

Eminem won an Oscar for "Best Song". I sense the end of the world drawing near. Haha.

The war is starting to get messy. Can't say I'm too surprised, since the US is now getting closer and closer to Baghdad. Already, there are reports of suicide units engaging US forces known as "Fedayeen Saddam" or "Martyrs for Saddam".

Iraq has taken POWs and put them on public display on Iraqi national TV, in some messed up effort to salvage some pride from this one-sided conflict. One of the POWs is Filipino American; his poor mother found out he was captured from images broadcasted on a Filipino news station... the CNN interview with her.


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